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Let me tell you a few things before actually coming into main points... 
If you are reading this? then just ask yourself are you really want to be an actor? or it is just getting famous in the streets?

These are very different things in the opinions of whats actors beliefs. According to them, success and money is one great motive to be here in the entertainment Industry but it certainly not your single greatest motive to be. 

Now if you destined to be an actor then you have to be choosy one. Stop running here and there, find a place where you get lots of chances to show your talents and skills that you possess throughout the years. And we are here providing you this special one opportunities to be with us in the long run. 

If you come here for auditions, then you will get multiple roles offering and chance to play characters that have many shades. 

Eksukoon Auditions

When you can apply:

This audition process would be a long and unending things. Thus, you talented people have lots of time to think about it and join it when you fully sure about it. However, the official date of audition start is from the first day of September, 2019. 

Where to come:

We have taken the full care of your comfort while you are doing and preparing yourself for the audience and to entertain them in the best possible way. Yove have to move your ass to a location specially at 

C-40, Vijay Vihar Phase I, Rohini Sector-4, New Delhi-110085

What we expect from you:

Two things for sure, nobody likes delay and we are no exception. Come the the schedule time frame to get your audition confirmed. 

Time Frame: 10 A.M to 1:00 P.M

Important notes: 

1. And also fill the requirement of bringing your portfolio, if you have one. In other cases, you have to show up with your photos or just WhatsApp your pics on our contact numbers. 

2. Furthermore, if your are thrilled with the promises, then do save our numbers in the favorite or work column of your phone. our numbers are... 

Pranav Jha: 8368742372

Pooja Bisht: 7042193766

We preferred WhatsApp so please make contact on WhatsApp, if possible.

3. Do subscribe and follow us on our social handles to get notified every time we offer anything more interesting to you guys. And please help us by sharing this content and information to the one who is in need of it. 

And that's all. if you want any other details then comment us or you have our numbers too. Feel free to ask us. 

Have a good day. 

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