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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Eksukoon special: How to be sure whether you are in pure love or not

Eksukoon special: How to be sure whether you are in pure love or not

Love is really tricky. And nowadays you can easily get millions of opinions about what you love should be from all different perspective. 

                               How to be sure whether you are in pure love or not

Your friends will tell you other things, your parents will tell you other things, and a stranger will surely give you a different set of advice to form a love. How to understand this complicated thing in the first place?

 How to be sure whether you are in pure love or not

 Well… get back to basics. First, understand the modern-day scenarios, where being in a physical relationship is more important than being in love. And even after that how you feel matters more. Anyways, in this special EKsukoon article, we’ll help you to be sure whether you are in pure love or not.

 1. Talking and chatting on the phone every day

Love: It a great sign when you talk with her on a daily basis. Telling her everything that happened with you throughout the day. Knowing that she is fine at the end of the day. You start your day with a cute good morning text and end your end with beautiful goodnight messages so that you can be good in bed at night.

Or, habit? It will not be considered as love but more like a habit if you are waiting for her calls and texts. You felt weird when the phone doesn’t ring in the morning or messages stop coming. Sometimes, you checked your phone to see if any messages might come from her, and when you didn’t get any messages, you texted her back. But you don’t miss her or text her or call her when you are busy or been with friends at some party.

Maybe what you are thinking of pure love is nothing but a bad/good habit of yours.

2. You get amazing makeout sessions

Love: It is love if you feel so comfortable in your nakedness in front of him/her. Your kisses are soft and romantic. You share amazing life-giving sex experiences and your intimacy makes you two more and more close to each other. The emotions between you two are real in bed instead of faking to please each other.

Or, lust? Your planted kisses are urgent and fast, you are always thinking of having sex with your partner or trying new things in the relationship or seducing him/her every now and then. Lust is more about getting fulfilled physically instead of attached emotionally.

In the finest line of love and lust, think whether it is your love for her or mere lust towards her body.

3. The way you look at him/her matters

Love: It is love when you look, stare, and ogle at each other when you were silent, or eating something together sitting at Burger King or any other place. You realize that you love his smiles and other little habits that he usually does. You even hate him for something that you don’t like there. You find out what you like in your partner as you are madly in love with him/her.

Or, Attraction?It’s just an attraction if you find her/him beautiful some-day just because he has to wear long hair or do his clothing in a way you like the most. You just want him to be with you always and get jealous if you are not getting him/her when you want him/her.

It’s okay if you are attracted to someone, after all, it is the first step to deep dive into the love sea.

4. He/she is always in your mind

Love:You always thought about him whenever you are crossing the road, meeting someone, or even listening music to kill your time. You are trying to find her in every bit of the song. He/she will never leave your mind ever.

Or, Crush?It just a crush instead of love if you saw someone in rain and imagine yourself with your partner. You try to find out the perfect love moments in other’s scenery instead of coming with something original. Your perfect love moments are inspired from someone’s love moments.

Well, it takes time to build a true and pure love with your partner.

5. You miss him/her every moment.

Love:missing is the loveliest part of love relationships. Just think about it, you miss the possibility of meeting him every day when she is away, you miss the way she smiles at you, you miss the bear hugs that make you feel safe and her fun advice. In the nutshell, you miss just being with her, doing nothing but feeling comfortable and content.

Or, Addiction?It is your addiction if you want her to be with you to listen to you at first place, to care for you, say you sweet things, plan surprises for you, and make your dull life, fun. You really don’t miss her, you miss the idea of being with her.

It’s love when your eyes cry when they can’t see him/her due to any of your reasons. And it’s an addiction if you continuously trying and planning to meet him/her.


6. Sharing everything that happens to you

Love:you share everything to him/her like what you dream about, what your worst fears are, what hurts you and what makes you trip in broad and specific ways. There’s isn’t any fear to get judged. He/she might understand you, your past, and anything that you have done. If you’re not sure that you can share things with him/her… you are certainly not in love.

Or, Friendship?You will tell him everything cheerfully but all the small things. Narrate the incidents, and get everything out of your system at once. Well, he/she is not the first person you gonna call or spell everything but he is one of the many people you’d call.

There’s a saying that friendship is bigger than love but it truly not. Love is all about being ‘we’ instead of two I’s.


7. You two have quality time together

Love:You two know each other well now, and you enjoy his/her company. He makes you laugh, and she makes you smile every time. Just like you two were during your chasing period. You forget all your troubles with your life and spend your joyful moment with her.

Or, Loneliness?It’s just like when you are on a trip or with friends or engaged in something else that you are enjoying. You don’t miss her. It is your loneliness that you give her/him attention only when you are free. You have other things to do in your life and you are passionate about other things then you are not in love.

Well, this is a love rating meter. Read this article thoroughly and give your love life a rating. How much are you in love out of 7.

Mine is…….. 6 out of 7. Do comment your love rating in the comment box. 

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