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Thursday, 15 August 2019

5 ways to say shut up without saying it

5 ways to say shut up without saying it

Remember that one friend at college who would go on and on about his latest celebrity crush or the last movie that he watched? Or that colleague at work who would talk endlessly about her favorite sports and what kind of music she likes to listen to on her way to work every day? Yes, I’m talking about that one annoyingly talkative human being that exists in everyone’s universe.

5 ways to say shut up without saying it

There is no denying that every person on the planet comes across at least one such person in their lifetime (actually we all come across hundreds of them in our lifetime, but just to be conservative, let’s keep it to one). The kind of person who deserves a loud “shut up” every so often, but unfortunately, you are too polite to give them what they deserve.

 Well, worry not because there are other comparatively more polite ways to ask them to stop talking. Below are a few ways to help you get out of the rut before you lose your mind.

Use your body language

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The truth is, words are way too overrated. When conveying a message to other human beings, your body language plays just as important a role as your words do. And you can use this superpower to your advantage when you want the human in front of you to zip their lips.
If you know the talkative one is approaching you at your workplace, put on your headphones while they still have their eyes on you. This sends them a signal that you are busy. If at school, grab a book and start reading to appear busy. This one works as a preventative measure.
However, if you are stuck in an endless loop of chatter, just stare at that person blankly for long enough and you’ll see that they are going to stop chatting with you eventually. This falls in the category of dark humor, but who cares as long as they shut up without getting offended.

Ditch the follow-up questions

5 ways to say shut up without saying it

Nine out of ten times, talkative people know how to drive a conversation single-handedly. But there are instances when a conversation can’t find its end because you are asking them follow up questions without realizing it.
That’s true, we want them to shut up, but we also don’t wanna come out as rude so we pretend to take interest and that gives them more and more topics to create meaningless content on the go. So one favour that you can do to yourself is, just skip the questionnaire.

Another way to show them your disinterest is to affirm with them right away instead of arguing. They think pants are better than shorts? Well, say you do too and that way you avoid argument.
If this is happening in a professional setting, you can dismiss the whole thing by saying some overused phrases like, “Good talk!” or “Alright then, hope to catch up with you again sometime soon.” And there you have it, a clean escape.  

Unleash the power of “Excuse Me”

5 ways to say shut up without saying it

Is there a hiccup that the mighty “Excuse Me” can’t smoothen out for you? No, my friend, there is none.
This phrase can drag you out of a lot of such situations if used right. Imagine you came out to drop your garbage bags in the bin and one of your talkative neighbours ambushed you into a conversation about her eldest son who just went to study abroad. Listen to her for a few minutes because you know, you are polite and then say something like, “Excuse me Mrs. Roy, I would love to chat more, but I have a pot full of boiling water on the stove.” Then you just rush inside and never see them again or at least not that day. Make sure they hear your shut up in that excuse of yours. 
This phrase works even better when someone is glued to you at work because it is as formal as it gets.

Hear, but don’t listen

5 ways to say shut up without saying it

Ever wondered why you don’t talk to your pet dog or your pet guinea pig for long enough? Simply because they look distracted within 2 seconds of you starting a conversation with them. Even if you are not looking for any feedback, you still want them to pay some attention to you by nodding or keeping eye contact, to say the least. But, you know what, they don’t!

They do not give you any reassurance of any kind and that is what you have to do the next time you at the edge of your patience with someone.

If you are out in the open, look at the sky every 3 minutes, smile at the people passing by and only use one of your ears to engage in the talk. If you are at work, look at your computer frequently or pretend to type on your keyboard or fiddle with your mouse. As soon as you see that they are finally getting your hits, politely slip in your excuse me and take off from there as fast as you can.

Stop beating around the bush

5 ways to say shut up without saying it

So maybe you are someone who doesn’t like to go for temporary solutions for permanent problems. And coming across someone talkative at your workplace or in your friend’s group every so often is one hell of a permanent problem for many. The solution here would be telling them to really shut up instead of pretending that you are busy or you need to be somewhere or you have a work deadline to meet.

But you still do not want to slaughter your words, so what do you do then? You mix and match the nice words to convey the exact meaning of our cruel phrase, “shut up”.

Let them know about your personality by saying something like, “I’m a bit of an introvert, so I don’t mind socializing, but I also love my quiet time during lunch hours.” Or if someone is being a bother way too often, say, “I adore our conversations, but today I just need some silence to gather my thoughts.”

Embracing this approach early on gives them an idea about your love for less chatter and that ultimately keeps you from becoming their prey.

Asking someone to hold their tongue is never a comfortable thing to do, but you can surely do it without hurting anyone’s conscience. All you have to do is analyze correctly, approach wisely and make your argument convincing enough. Especially when you have known each other for a while, you don’t even have to go with the formal ways of saying shut up. You can just give them a friendly pat on the back and ask them to allow you some silent space. So it is really not as hard as you might think.

5 ways to say shut up without saying it

People usually get the slightest of clues when someone is trying to get out of a conversation. And if they don’t, then you can definitely use the tips given above and save yourself from such a situation in no time. 
After all, there is no excuse for being rude to a fellow human no matter what.

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