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Thursday, 29 August 2019

11 murder mysteries in India which still, remain unsolved

11 murder mysteries in India which still, remain unsolved

We always get excited about watching crime shows and is very stirred to know whether the case gets solved or not. It is always exciting to know about a murder mystery. 

11 murder mysteries in India which still, remain unsolved

There are several murder mysteries in India which remain unsolved. It is difficult for people to accept that the culprit did not get caught. Here we will come to know about some of the murder mysteries that thrilled the whole country.

1.  Arushi Murder Case

On 16th May 2008, the murder mystery shook India when the 14-year-old Arushi Talwar was found dead along with her 45-year-old domestic helper. Arushi was found with her throat slit in her house. At first, the primary suspect was Hemraj but the body of Hemraj was also found just one-day after Arushi's body found. His body was found crumbled on the terrace of Talwar's house. The Talwars told their servants to wash the walls and floors of the room. Talwars became the prime suspect and were arrested by police on May 23. 

This case received a lot of media attention and people's interest. This is one of the biggest mysteries which shook the entire nation. The CBI's investigation led them to conclude that Arushi was murdered after a sexual assault. Due to the lack of concrete proof all the suspects were released. CBI handed over the case to another team that recommended closing the case. A Bollywood movie is also produced on the same murder mystery. 

2. Amar Singh Chamkila

On 8th March 1988, he was one of the best stage performers in Punjab and the emerging personality in the music industry. During day time he along with his wife was shot dead by a gang of motorcyclists. He had a reputation of a truthful person among his followers. Chamkila's music revealed the sad realities of daily life in rural parts of Punjab. His songs include topics such as drug abuse, alcoholism and extramarital relationships.
 When he was at the peak of his career, he received threats by Khalistan militants. The reason for the threat was his rebellious lyrics and marriage to his co-performer who belonged to a different caste. Some believed that his competitors have plotted against him and some put the blame on terrorists. None of the gunmen was ever arrested and the case got closed. Still, his death remains a mystery.

3. Chandrashekhar Prasad

He was shot dead on 31st March in Bihar while greeting a crowd. He wanted to be a political activist. He was elected as a President to the JNU. His immense popularity was considered as the reason behind his brutal murder. His death created resentment among the students. Due to lack of evidence, the case could not be solved and was closed. The assassination of the future leader case still remains a mystery.

4. Vyapam Scam

In 2007, the odour of the scams was smelled. The scams were related to the board and refer to Vyavsayik Pariksha Mondal. More than 77 lac students paid bribes to get college seats in the best colleges and jobs in government sector. It is the government body liable for conducting various entrance tests. This scam involved various politicians and high government officials. Many journalists and whistleblowers responsible for exposing the details died in suspicious circumstances. 

In the year 2013 July 6 and 7, 2 persons were arrested who were about to appear in the exams in place of original candidates. MP's exam controller who supported the students in the fraud was arrested and removed from his designation. The case was handed to the CBI and death cases still remains a mystery. Several accused are in jail. The scam led to the suspicious death of around 50 people who were linked to the crime. Police were unable to find the culprits behind the mysterious deaths and the case is still going on. 

5. Snehal Gaware Murder Case

She was a student at the Sardar Patel College of Engineering and was a resident of Thane Maharashtra. She was allegedly killed. On July 20, 2007, her body was found with her hands and legs tied and mouth choked. Her boyfriend was the main accused but due to lack of evidence police dropped the charged. 12 years after the incident the police is yet to find the murder accused.

6. The Beerman Killings

In October 2006, Near the Marine lines station, a dead body was found which gave a start to series of murders which look alike. Beer bottles beside each dead body were found. Therefore the murder series was called The Beerman killings. Many of these bodies were found without dress, indicating towards the sexual assault. 

This gave birth to several theories like the murderer was homosexual. However, any evidence was not affirmed to confirm these theories. Several years have passed since the case was reported. The police are yet to find the person behind these murders. The story of the Beer man-killer remains mysterious till date and the case is still open

7. Rizwanur Rahman Murder Case

He was a young man, belonged to a middle-class family and working as a Computer graphics trainer. He fell in love with Priyanka Todi, the daughter of an industrialist. They both tied the knot even after being resisted by the family. Rahman was threatened to separate from his wife. In September 207, after a month of their marriage, his dead body was found near the railway tracks. During the investigation, Mr Todi, father of the victim's wife was also interrogated. 

The police marked the death of Rehman as a suicide case even before the post mortem reports were released. The theory was challenged by media reports. The case was transferred to the high court. Even the investigation officer who was in charge of the case was found murdered. The Supreme Court halted all actions in the case until the HC decided Todi's petition questioning CBI's charge sheet against him.

8. The Scarlett Keeling Case

In February 2008, the dead body of a young girl Scarlett Keeling was found on the banks on Anjuna beach in Goa. Initially, the case was dropped declaring as accidental drowning. Later her mother appealed for a second post-mortem and the reports revealed that she was raped after being drugged. Two men were accused but the evidence was insufficient to convict them. After such injustice, anybody will lose belief in our system. However, the investigation is still going on. Her mother is still waiting for the culprits to be executed.

9. The Chennai Triple Murders

In November 2008, S Saravanan, his wife and their domestic worker were found dead in their house. The almirahs were looted and the indications showed that it was a case of murder and robbery. The former taxi drivers of Saravanan were the main suspects. However, the case appeared to have several loopholes. Jewellery and other important items were also found missing. The officer who was investigating the case was found sinful of taking the bribe. As a result, the case remains unsolved.

10. The Stoneman Killings

Over the streets of Mumbai, a series of murder were taking place. Victims were murdered with stone crushing their heads. Since the pattern for all the cases was same, the case was referred to as The Stoneman killings. 

He intentionally targeted people whose chances of remaining unidentified were high. The killings mysteriously stopped after the identification of victims. But sadly, the murders started in the city of Kolkata. In 2009, the same series of murders was observed in Guwahati. There was not a piece of single evidence left behind and the case. The identification of the stone man still remains a puzzle. Several theories were framed. The police did not find any evidence and are yet to solve the case. 

11. Garima Sharma Murder Case

In May 2003, Garima Sharma, a 7-year-old girl in Delhi went to buy chocolates in a nearby shop. When she did not return for a long time, her father started searching in the whole area. During the search, they found the dead body of Garima near a doctor's dispensary. She was found unclothed with an injury on her head which indicated towards a sexual assault. 

The police were unable to find a clue in the case even after investigation and making an inquiry with the locals. Garima's culprit is still not known. The police were unable to find any clue. A special team is investigating the case. This case marked the rate of crime increasing among minors.

These cases unveil the sad reality of society and the judicial system. Hope the victims and their family may get justice and the faith in our system gets restored. 

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