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Sunday, 7 July 2019

The desire of a girl for play (foreplay) that every men should know

The desire of a girl for play (foreplay) that every men should know

She puts on some shimmering mascara, makes her flowing hair into a messy bun and hurls through the liquor store, looking for your favorite red wine. After all, there's nothing like a bottle full of wine and the anticipation of some sensual play. 

She finds herself drowning in goosebumps as she thinks of all the ways she would like to be teased before starting the actual game. Yeah, women like to be teased, rather need to be teased. The truth is, most days, she is not looking for another one of those quick sessions where she hits your wicket in seconds, but an extended match, where you prep her well before you start hitting sixes at every blow. Needless to say, every physically demanding game first calls for a warm-up, doesn’t it?
The desire of a girl for play 
For lovemaking, it’s the foreplay!
At the call of the dusk, have those scented candles all lit-up by your bed, lower the blinds just enough so the setting sun can’t peek in and let some Bon Jovi play romanticize the backdrop.
Woo her. Every. Single. Time.
And when you do make an effort to create such an ambiance for her, it will never go unnoticed, believe me. A girl excited to her peak holds certain sensual energy, the kind that even she isn’t aware of, and you don’t wanna miss out on that.  
Who doesn’t like to go on and on?
Hitting the target is gonna take what, a handful of seconds, right? Why not let her play with the gun a little more while it still holds the bullet? Feet apart, teach her to hold the gun the right way, teach her where the barrel must go. 
The desire of a girl for play 
Rake her curiosity, let her explore where the firing pin is and what is it that might trigger the shot. She needs to know that she is an exotic piece of this puzzle, one that can’t be replaced by anything or anyone no matter what.
Forget about all the rules, but one
Seduction has got no set precedents whatsoever. The only rule of this game is that you need to drive your partner crazy, how you do that is up to you. Is she someone who likes to enjoy a date night before stepping foot in the playground or she likes to jump right in with a long whip in one hand and a shot of vodka in another?
The desire of a girl for play (foreplay) that every men should know
Every single time she expresses a desire for love making, she feels like an unexplored territory. She needs to be unfurled, from head to toe and she needs to feel like it’s the first time.  
Silent moves are overrated
And while silently sliding your hand up her t-shirt during a movie might turn out to be quite seductive, your verbal moves can do better. Drive her to the woods, set up a cozy corner under the shades and read her the latest erotica out loud. You will soon witness her swimming in her own wetness in no time. 
The desire of a girl for play 
Women are all for verbal stimulation, the little post-it notes in the drawers, seductive one-liner texts, there are so many nonphysical ways you can seduce her. Keep her blood rushing and gushing even before you see her and you will get your reward in full when you finally do.
She might not let it out always, but she wants to play and she wants to play hard. She wants to hear her heart knocking in her throat like never before. Her sex-drive claws at her and she needs to feed it with a bowl full of naughty rubs and spanks. So what’s the holdup?  

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