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Sunday, 28 July 2019

15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

It is said that Bollywood movies are cliché where actors dancing around in romantic movies and throwing punches in the air with dishoom sound in action movies. To add newness there is another type of movie too and that is a comedy.

Throughout the year, Bollywood has been changing its contents drastically. There are many types of movies brought out in screens by filmmakers which are the bold movies in Industry.

15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

Talking about the superhero genre, Bollywood has a little impact on this type of movies. However, throughout the year, there are many movies and tele shows made by Bollywood filmmakers which had a ting of superhero thing along with Bollywood masala.

If you are interested to know about these Indian superheroes then read these articles thoroughly. And wait with us if someday… Bollywood will come-up with new Avengers set or might some Indian superhero join the Avengers team.

1. Robot – Robot starring Rajni Kant is a great addition to the Bollywood cinema. The story was loosely based on the Isaac Asimov’s Robotics laws which were grilled with Bollywood masala. It is a story of a scientist who creates a humanoid to help soldiers but teaching emotions to the Robot leads to unpleasant events.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

With two blockbuster scripts, Robot series had made its mark on Bollywood. Now it will be a great joy to see how chitti the robot adjusts with the superhero team of Avengers and help them to fight against supervillains.

2. Shaktimaan – If you are a superhero fan and always liked watching superhero movies then you might observe what makes the hero worthy, how it is different from others, and what he actually does in the whole universe except fighting bad guys.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

Shaktimaan has a good origin story that is somehow believable and not copied from elsewhere. The character is nurtured by Rishis and Munis of Himalayan. The powers are acquired from five-elements by yoga Shakti. And in the pass-time after fighting villains, the character tries to educate children about moral values and good habits.

Due to this good and unique origin, the character is quite popular among kids of 90s. Everyone would be waiting to see their favorite character fighter new set of villains with the help of other superheroes in something like Avengers or maybe ended up joining the Avengers.

3. Krrish – Bollywood had witnessed a good superhero flick in Krrish who got his superhero powers from an alien. Again, a good superhero character having a good origin story where the main character gets his powers of flying and super-human strength from an alien.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

For the record, Krrish has its marks on Bollywood box office where the movie was appreciated by the fans and critics as well. According to sources, the makers are ready to make two more larger-than-life sequels of the movie more which are titled Krrish 4 and Krrish 5.

With inhuman powers and immense popularity among the Indian audience, Krrish is the Indian superhero who is capable to join Avengers in the later future or maybe a part of the Indian version of superhero Infinity saga.

4. Naagin – Snakes are always impactful on the Indian audience minds. From Indian mythology to daily shop, filmmakers always find these Naag-Naagin things profitable. Google it and you will find dozens of movies and tele-series based on the theme of Naagin.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers
Thus, what good a filmmaker comes up with… adding a Naag or Naagin as a superhero in the movies or better if Marvel is considering a good Indian superhero for their movies. It will surely give an exciting feeling to the Indian audience and attract more money to filmmakers.

There is a superhero named Naagraj in Indian comics, and a hit tele-series Naagin with 3 good profitable seasons. Bollywood often comes up with Naag-Naagin stories to show all the mythical stories related to snakes and do good business. They can be seen as a good addition in Avengers team.

5. Ajooba – A few have heard about some mask superhero from the 80s of Bollywood. Amitabh Bachchan had portrayed a title character of Superhero Ajooba who used to ride horses and whipped bad guys around. The character hasn’t any special power but shows like he has some.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

Anyway, the movie was really great having all the aspects of good movies, like what we called… the nav-ras. Since the origin story of Ajooba is quite good and hero wanders in the street with a mask on… it would be good if someone took the responsibility to reprise the role and see whether it is lovable among the Indian audience.

In spite of all the Naagin movies, Ajooba was one of the first films in Bollywood that showcased this genre. All the best Bollywood if you are going to reprise the character, it would be a good team-up in Avengers. 

6. Bhyomkesh Bakshi – Every superhero team must need a detective with a super brain who helps to solve the mystery in its own way. With God grace, Bollywood movies have several famous detective characters in its Bolly-Bin that wasn’t utilized well by filmmakers yet.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

Everyone love to see a detective in Bengal solving cases in a way that is a mystery to other till the very end. The ways to contact and solve cases by Bhyomkesh Bakshi is appreciable and give conflicts to characters.

I would love to include Agent Vinod in this list but it was more like a bond film instead of a detective story. Thus, Bhyomkesh Bakshi would be ended up as a perfect addition in the Indian Avengers team.

7. Ra-one – Who is not gonna cast Ra-one as a lead in Indian avengers. This scientific flick is a newness in Bollywood movies. The Characters emerging from virtual reality is really a new concept in Bollywood.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

Well, everyone loves to see if Bollywood superheroes come together to fight Ra-one in an epic movie someday. Until then, we wish filmmakers come again with another story to continue Ra-one series and make another addition in the Bollywood superheroes movies.

8. Drona – Bollywood often think to take characters from Indian mythology and Drona is no exception. Yet the movie was a box office disaster. We love to see if the character introduced again himself in the movie again with another impactful story.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

The character is really good with a great origin story. However, filmmakers didn’t present it well with their choices of stories. If it is reprised again with a good script then the success is guaranteed. This one character must be selected as a part of the Bollywood Avengers series.

9. Maha Kumbh – Once there was a serial ran in a tele-network named Maha Kumbh where the male character had a big tattoo on his back. Rudra, our superhero has some extra-ordinary powers. He was raised by Maii-Muii after separating in Kumbh from his family.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

With a slight change in the story, it will be a fun-loving superhero for the Indian Audience and can be seen as a great addition in the Bollywood Avengers or there is a chance that Marvel will take the character and make a good movie on Maha Kumbh.

10. Hatim – Hatim is one of the pretty popular characters in Indian mythology and among Indian Tele-series too. His origin is quite unique as he is a beloved prince of Yamen. He lives an adventurous life and engages himself in the quest of answers to 7 unheard questions.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

Hatim didn’t get any good projects after that so he is living peacefully in Yamen. If Filmmakers come with another set of adventure for our Hatim then it would be good to see how the Indian audience resists this superhero of ours in the Avengers.

11. Hero – A religious kid, due to his theist brilliance, got an opportunity to meet the Goddess Durga live in some temple. There’s a catch in it… Goddess Durga gave him a ring and spidey senses sort of thing where Hero felt the itch to wear the ring every time someone was in problem.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

I wouldn’t say it was good or bad, but trust me it wasn’t rubbish at all. It was kids favorite show and maybe parents love it too if they see their child starts visiting the temple and worshipping each and every God. Filmmakers would reprise this fan-favorite characters, it would be profitable and might get the team up with Avengers due to special powers.

12. Aaryan – Again, it was a story of Good vs Evil, God vs Devil, Light vs Dark, and everything vs everything type. However, they have presented a story in a pretty beautiful manner. Aaryan the savior had done the fair share of performance in his budgeted and limited range.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

If filmmakers may take interest to reprise the characters then it would be profitable and remarkable in Indian Cinema. We hope someday we would see how Shaktimann will discuss the plan with Aaryan or get conflicts with other superheroes before teaming up. And then Aaryan might be a known face of Avenger team.

13. Flying Jatt – Flying Jatt is a new age superhero, more like DC’s Shazam. He got his superpowers in sleep and didn’t know much about what to do with that. He was afraid of heights and movie was full of the comical element. He could be the next Avengers.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers
Filmmakers can add more brilliant elements in movies and make it worth watchable. The movie would be more impactful if other aspects of the movie were good for the viewers. But it was just the dance and a comic movie at first glance.

14. Doga – The few of you are fans of Indian comics, and a few are aware of the character named DOGA in the pages of Indian comic books. The character wears a dog mask and indulges in the crime industry and will be a good fit in Avengers team.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

Since the origin of the character is that impelling it will attract millions of viewers if a story is created on the title character of Doga. There were rumors around that Anurag Kashyap was about to make a movie on Doga using the comics books references as a script but the Idea was postponed.

We wish someday… we may see Doga is fighting with the help of other superheroes against one of the popular villain one had read in Indian comics.

15. Vish-Kanya – In Indian mythology, there is a reference of Vish Kanya who can’t marry a man of her choice or there are many other myths regarding that. It would be great if some filmmakers come up with an impelling script to showcase the powers and stories related to Vish-Kanya in movies.
15 Indian Superheroes who may replace or join Avengers

Indian audience will get another character they may love or hate on the basis of the story. However, it will be an amazing joy to see Vish-Kanya in the superheroes franchise like avengers.

We wish to see these characters coming up again and entertain the new audience in an all different way. We hope some makers unite these characters to form a big superhero franchise like Marvel in Bollywood or help these characters to introduce to the world audience.

Please comment if any Bollywood superhero left by us and had an element to replace Avengers or join them.

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